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A Different kind of Bell


            This is Chief Justice Corona, the first and only CJ to be impeached in the whole world, as my Kuya Michael (My sister’s husband) said to me.

             Which to me was very ground breaking and historical in it’s sense, and it made me regret why I had to watch the Social Network (movie) instead of watching this historically relevant scenario on TV.  

            I guess if you put people on trial my initial reaction would be “boring”. I mean come on! Those people take forever to get done with these things. But to my surprise, well I guess maybe I’m a little surprised, CJ Corona had an episode, allegedly having low blood sugar so he had to make an AWOL-the court proceedings and went straight to the elevator area, which he was unsuccessful to catch because the security caught up with him. Booyah!

              And now with ground breaking-FALSE-News technology, the board of boredom have come to the conclusion that the reason why Cj Corona was eagerly wanting to go down to the parking lot and to ride off of that place, was not because of his low blood sugar, and was not because he wanted to cry to his mommy,

but because…

He was going to be Late!

for the Epic Gaga Concert 😀

            And that’s what drove him to Koronabells, yes, you see it right, Kumoronabells is the verb that’s is popularly known.

Kumoronabellsestablishing a “walk-out” in the middle of a court hearing

             So watch out people…

Cj Corona’s going to get what he’s paid for even if it means going there in a wheelchair



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