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The things that needs to be done always say Start HERE :D

I’ve had instances in my life where I just needed to convince myself, to Start.

The Jog


When I was a kid I was a fat kid, I don’t mean the kind that just stays jolly and has lots of friends. I mean the kind that gets bullied, everyday when I get to school I’d hide around the bushes and poop-scared of the bullies-nah-just kidding, I’m asian, so whatever bullying I had to take it because I had no choice I couldn’t hide from the bullies they were close by and at our schools the classrooms were limited and so, you would only imagine the limitation of the places you could go to. But I was thankful for the people who were sympathetic to the situation, young people back then at our home town was very virtuous but oh! how times change, and it changes fast. And as you may well imagine in a state of sadness, I really long for “someone” to comfort me and to show me affection so I had a cat

And , oh How I loved my Mengmeng,

I had to google search this cat as back when I was young digital cameras wasn’t on a middle class list of things to buy, and this cat is the closest image of my Mengmeng. Everyday I would feed Mengmeng, cuddle, hug, sleep in bed together with, and play with every time after school. Mengmeng loved me and I loved Mengmeng, but one day Mengmeng saw Me and my Mother arguing, it was about Mengmeng’s medicine because she was sick of something and I wanted to get her to the vets but my mom thought differently. Then a few days after that Mengmeng ran away.

To me at the time, as a kid, it was very devastating. Losing something that you looked forward to everyday, your only escape from the bullies, your only friend. But Mengmeng taught me something, if you want something do it, just plain ol’ do it.

Years after that experience of a loved one just doing something, at an impulse, I just jogged.

 Before                                                                                                                                                                                                                      After



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