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Security concerns prompt Lady Gaga to cancel Indonesia concert

Those are some hardcore Muslims, Although she is in fact a bad influence when it comes to her sensual dances and the way she dresses, but mainly to me, she’s a singer, if she just wore her Pj’s to her concert I would care-less, just as long as she would sing. That’s why it’s called a concert. C-O-N-C-E-R-T. but nowadays you do have to spice it up, and in her case, it’s a bit too spicy, for the Conservatives’ moral taste buds. I won’t go on saying poor her or poor them, not a big fan of Lady Gaga and not a big fan of Islam either, so… yeah.

This Just In

Lady Gaga canceled her concert in Indonesia, her management said Sunday, citing security concerns after Islamic hardliners denounced her costumes and dance moves as too risqué.

If the concert is held, there are concerns the singer, her crew and attendees may be in harm’s way, said Minola Sebayang, the lawyer for the promoters.

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