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John Maxwell | Leadership and Growth

Feeling energized, to plan for a growth plan, to plan.

1. Growth must be intentional

– Daily habits, this is just what I need, though, I feel cynical and my mind keeps saying that everybody knows that, but not everyone implements it. It’s like growth for dummies, everybody knows that practice makes perfect but nowadays some people add another quote, it’s why practice when no one’s perfect.

– Enough, what I need to do is stop visualizing and start activating the visions.

2. Growth must come from awareness

– Playing to my strengths, facilitation and team building activities maker,oh, how I wish I could go back to yesterday when I didn’t get paid to do this, but the opportunity to teach people and instill values (that I probably needed to have more than my audience) is payment enough

– Reviewing, and getting involved with my college can be a good avenue, hope I get to start soon.

3. Growth Environment

– Failure is not the enemy, we have to learn to fail forward.

– I need a place where development is continually modeled. My work is convenient but unfortunately the opportunities aren’t.

Greatness is within. I hope I use the keys well and get the full potential.

Metaphor overload, motivated.


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