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Getting back on track.



I really want to pick things up, just to get going and start preparing for my future life, I feel like I’ve been too lenient with myself, and I’ve been careless, which made me lose precious opportunities, hopefully though I get myself going, activating the greatness that’s within me.

  1. Make a Direct Savings Account
  2. Blog frequently
  3. Find an online part-time job
  4. Be active in learning and being productive
  5. Start Now.


4/3/2014 01:41 PM


I watched this one on my tab, so I won’t be able to share any pictures with this one. But it really shed some light on the topic of once again, attraction. I remember two “facts” that stuck on me after watching the BBC documentary.


And yeah, though unconscious about it, we all see it, even unsuspecting males. I’d even go out on a limb and say, maybe this is the reason for most of the love at first sight impression gets validated. I like this fact because it also validates a theory of mine, that women don’t nescessarily have to wear make up… at least once in a month XD, yeah, because the documentary also shared, that the reason why women wear make up more often, it’s because they’d want to replicate this phenomenon on a daily basis. Well I wouldn’t want my woman to be on her hormones daily, being irritable and such, make-up would do just fine *wink.


Basically I like this one, because this description fits a special someone in my life. That lusciious hour glass body, hmmm-mmmm! and it’s all thanks to that high dose of estrogen, now, if women have an extra dose of testosterone instead, well, you know the opposite, and yeah something about hormones, the testosterone basically promotes strength in males then estrogen in females promote on how tenderly loving they are or feminine (tenderly loving seems to be a wrong description, but that’s the best that I can give at the moment XD)



This is where it gets interesting and a little helpful for me, this would almost certainly explain why women tend to have special crushes from time to time, and they wouldn’t know why this would happen, it’s most likely because of this fact. That women who are ovulating tend to look for a mate who’s more powerful or exudes the aura of authority. That’s where the low-brow manly man face comes in and steals the show. But most of the days, when women aren’t over their hormones (not meaning to offend you guys, well I we all know you have these days, it’s not something bad, we accept it, work around it if willing, then move on 🙂 then they’d probably go for the male with slight feminine features. as this types of guys are perceived as sensitive and a suitable partner for raising up a child, as the documentary states.


Rock Abs! all the way! It is basically what every women adore, a pretty face is God-given and cherished, but a body that is sculpted by the help of almighty God is the one to for (especially because you can’t possibly train up your face to become beautiful, you’d need money for that one) Exercising one’s body also promotes that you are competent and able to withstand the temptation of food, and that you are disciplined enough to through a routine every once in a while.



A Crazy brittle ring called Glove

“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”
Leo Burnett

  • Who doesn’t know an apple?
  • How about them windows? They are really selling.
  • And who could forget that always reliable tablet.
  • Who doesn’t own an i? (who doesn’t own themselves? haha 🙂
Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

Apples are an all-American success story-each of us eats more than 19 pounds of them annually. Français : Les pommes sont célèbres en Amérique pour une alimentation équilibrée (8,6 kg annuellement). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basically I just want to share something about familiarity and where has it gone to. People used to think of an apple as something you’d give your teacher on a first day of your first year of your first time in class. Something very precious and something very special so that your teacher would appreciate you. For me that was it. Or maybe even you’re giving that apple as a sorry, as a gift of appreciation, as a bribe 🙂 or even as a prank. But basically the apple was a simple-plain old- FRUIT.

But still you can give an apple for a gift, as a sorry, or a prank (apples with defects on them or viruses) but this time you’re gonna have to have electricity and a couple more components to make it work. Yes, it is the age of the Apple that cannot be eaten but enjoyed to almost 10 hours a day or more. And it never goes bad unless you want to change to a more updated version.

 Back then we used to wash apples, now, if your apple is drenched in water it might not work or get you electrocuted.

But this same familiarity is what actually makes these products as big as they are.  We as humans only get to use a limited amount of mind power in our brain. So making a new thing seem like an old or familiar version, makes recall and likability more apparent.

And I just wonder what kind of things would they incorporate for future products. How about if Pinoys were to make an innovative product would they call it?

  1. Lamok Corp. (L.C.)

    Official seal of Municipality of Mainit

    Official seal of Municipality of Mainit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  2. Electric fan Enterprises (E-Fan Ent. )
  3. Mainit Indt. (M.I.)
  4. Sikip Group of Companies (S.G.C.)
  5. Ingay Inc. (I.I.)

Yeah just thinking out loud haha! 😛

Payphone – Maroon 5 (Jayesslee Cover)

Payphone – Maroon 5 (Jayesslee Cover) – YouTube.

This is a nice cover, the beauty of the two girls’ is a plus. There is a message at the end of the video. Watch out for it, ’cause it’s a good one 🙂


Rejected, But Not Forsaken! « Healing For The Nation

Beloved, are you a participant in the ungodly deed of rejecting people? I will not judge you, but if you are, you are working against the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is open for all men to enter. God does not love any ethnicity more than another. Yet we have ministers who will stand in a pulpit, and preach that the children of Ham are cursed, when nothing could be further from  the truth. I don’t mean any

harm, but these are ignorant, and unlearned men, who don’t understand the bible, or the Grace of God.

Let’s be real today. Black people have been hated by western civilization ever since they came to power. Everything imaginable has been done to these people in the name of God. Let me make this perfectly clear, GOD IS NOT A RACIST! He did not curse Black People. Yet we have people who claim to be Christians who absolutely abhor them. Hatred is not of God. Hatred comes from the force of evil within the hearts of men, and is from the kingdom of darkness.

In the name of supremacy, so much evil has been done to this people. Why? It is not of God, so why do people fool themselves that God is with them in this hatred. They are deceived into thinking that good is evil, and evil is good. Let me make this clear, God is not with you in your hatred of his people. Yes, they are his people.

via Rejected, But Not Forsaken! « Healing For The Nation.

This is a perfect message for all the Lady Gaga Controversies that’s been going around. Sure I’m not a big fan of Lady Gaga but I don’t hate her, I’m what you call indifferent. But nonetheless God doesn’t teach a believer to be just indifferent but He wants working Christians, living and able to do His work.

Lady Gaga really is something of a strange person, but God heals the sick (I’m not saying she’s sick) or otherwise, so let God do the healing, He will use instruments, even people in doing so, and it would not come in the form of hatred, and if you have hatred, you are not of God.

If I were the Devil « Pastor Mike Says

“I would compel people to express their most depraved fantasies on canvas and movie screens, and I would call it art”

via If I were the Devil « Pastor Mike Says.

This is just a line that struck me when I read Pastor’s post. Somethings been really bothering about Lady Gaga’s “freedom” fight. I’m all for freedom, but I think she’s going a little too overboard with it. In my mind “it’s really just how the fashion industry works, it’s just how pop culture works- it’ll pass.” But on the other hand “history repeats itself”. That’s why we even believe of Christs great comeback and of course because it is written in the Scriptures.

          I don’t expect everyone to crawl under their desks and start reading the bible panicking that God is someone to be greatly feared, God’s proven his Love and Mercy, none can compare to it, it’s fair to say that we humans are 

the one’s who should be greatly fearing each other, feeding each other lies and covering up our motives with “peace”. Well I don’t know, I am nothing without Christ. I just always tell myself that.

 It just is weird, to me, personally I never liked the idea of short-short (to the nth power) skirts, that you couldn’t even barely say it’s clothes, like in my earlier post I said “What happened to all the thread? Are we in some kind of Cloth Crisis?” Being a guy, it makes it very challenging, the devil is smart but God always prevails and I believe that He has purpose in things, I may not be able to convert anyone soon or I’d even get hated for me not being a big fan Lady Gaga. But that’s how I see it, how about you?

“You gotta stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” – Fall for anything by The Script

To God be All the Glory!

Tagalog Pick-up Line

Boy: Nasa b’yahe ka ba?

Girl: Bakit?

Boy: Nasalubong kasi nang puso mo’ng puso ko, dala niya pag-ibig ko, tanggap mo?


It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Tagalog Pick-up Line 😀

Fictional Faction of Friction

The wonderful cliche of Living

  “You enjoy every moment, you look over her shoulder, and you don’t notice anyone at all, everything else is a blur, but when you get your attention back to her face you see everything, a future, a past and that beautiful present God‘s given you”

         To tell you all honestly, I just thought of that quote now, and I was just going to talk about how silly it was for a person to fall in love with a person. But as I read back to those words I type, I slowly become even more confused.

Let me just check myself for a moment, I’m alive and still living in a country where it’s more of a pop culture to be in a relationship. I guess there’s just a lot of bad examples, that’s why my mind (your heart is actually hardwired into your brain’s hypothalamus so I don’t want to say “my hear thinks” ’cause it doesn’t) is so caught up with worrying whether or not I’m going to go through with this feeling.

And also I’m somewhat paranoid about things, what my mom would say,

The best way, if it’s the only way 😀

what my sister would say, what my colleagues would say, but mostly what my mom would say, she’s too narrow minded to really support me in my relationships, heck, if she had it her way she would want me to grow up with no wife because she wants to get rich, it’s always about getting rich for her.

        But for me, God told me so, seek first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you, so most of the time I really don’t worry, I only get shaken when my pessimistic mother gets in my head for a little while. And I’ve been a witness to a Christian relationship or rather two Christians being in a married life, I’ve seen bad examples also but at our church, man, does God know how to put up a love story.

God’ll catch you every-time 😀

Makes sense though He did create the perfect love story about his Son dying and everything, and I really aspire to that in a sense finding someone that God provided, I’m uncertain if it’ll be as easy as meeting a Christian girl and falling in love with her, or maybe God wants me to change people as He commanded “go and make disciples” and exactly the word “disciples” not “wife-fies”. My mind is not ready for this kind of commitment, as to what I’ve concluded, I couldn’t even make a lovey-dovey blog to what I’m thinking but still I thank God.

“I feel good, God’s making me Mr. Right, right enough to find a Mrs. Right, for us to be both right in God’s eyes.”

Camp Rock 2 – Introducing Me – Nick Jonas

camp rock 2 – introducing me – nick jonas full song and video – YouTube.

         This song reminds me, somewhat of Philippine Courtship. Of how on a rush teens seem to be when it comes to falling in love, some even go on saying “I’m easy to fall for someone”. Too easy if you ask me.

         I relish the fact that “you cannot give what you do not have” so I applaud people who actually do have “love” in their hearts and easily give it away. That’s what God did. Although at times I become skeptical when it comes to our current situation in our country about teen pregnancies and single mothers, oh sorry, single-daughter-mothers. It’s very saddening, parents raising up teens, then ending up having to raise up another child that came from their teens. What a shame. 

        I see it as a courtship problem, teens today always seem to be on a rush, unlike the old days. In the old days (as I’ve heard from my mother) they weren’t even allowed to wear such short clothes, but now, do girls even have clothes, honestly, have the threads we’ve been using all these years finally depleted? I know fashion is growing and yes I am not anti-progress but I see that the more the adults promote sex to sell things that ultimately it’s the teens that are going to suffer.

Well, I just know that through preaching and religious stuff (through God) it can be controlled, but the youth has to wake up on its own. In a capitalist world where grown-ups make the call and youth like Mark Zuckerberg gives the ideas, I could only wait to see what’s next, holding my philosophies in hand and at heart.

“I’m not waiting for Mrs. Right

All I need to do is to be Mr. Right.” 

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Acoustic) Live Performance

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Acoustic) Live Performance – YouTube.

This song is very catchy and just by listening to it once I was hooked, EPIC O_o. But I also noticed something different about this acoustic live setting, an 80’s Synth. Hmmmmmmmm. Nothing like an original huh, I guess they wanted to keep the vibe going even though (for me) going acoustic is like getting yourself stripped naked of whatever kind of music you have and just having a simple guitar by your side.

Is this a fair enough Acoustic version? or It was more of a Live Performance theme? Do we really even need these boundaries in the music industry? If you’re reading this I hope you comment below, or whatever just think about the question and have an answer for yourselves LOL XD

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