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Getting back on track.



I really want to pick things up, just to get going and start preparing for my future life, I feel like I’ve been too lenient with myself, and I’ve been careless, which made me lose precious opportunities, hopefully though I get myself going, activating the greatness that’s within me.

  1. Make a Direct Savings Account
  2. Blog frequently
  3. Find an online part-time job
  4. Be active in learning and being productive
  5. Start Now.

Camp Rock 2 – Introducing Me – Nick Jonas

camp rock 2 – introducing me – nick jonas full song and video – YouTube.

         This song reminds me, somewhat of Philippine Courtship. Of how on a rush teens seem to be when it comes to falling in love, some even go on saying “I’m easy to fall for someone”. Too easy if you ask me.

         I relish the fact that “you cannot give what you do not have” so I applaud people who actually do have “love” in their hearts and easily give it away. That’s what God did. Although at times I become skeptical when it comes to our current situation in our country about teen pregnancies and single mothers, oh sorry, single-daughter-mothers. It’s very saddening, parents raising up teens, then ending up having to raise up another child that came from their teens. What a shame. 

        I see it as a courtship problem, teens today always seem to be on a rush, unlike the old days. In the old days (as I’ve heard from my mother) they weren’t even allowed to wear such short clothes, but now, do girls even have clothes, honestly, have the threads we’ve been using all these years finally depleted? I know fashion is growing and yes I am not anti-progress but I see that the more the adults promote sex to sell things that ultimately it’s the teens that are going to suffer.

Well, I just know that through preaching and religious stuff (through God) it can be controlled, but the youth has to wake up on its own. In a capitalist world where grown-ups make the call and youth like Mark Zuckerberg gives the ideas, I could only wait to see what’s next, holding my philosophies in hand and at heart.

“I’m not waiting for Mrs. Right

All I need to do is to be Mr. Right.” 

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