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A Crazy brittle ring called Glove

“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”
Leo Burnett

  • Who doesn’t know an apple?
  • How about them windows? They are really selling.
  • And who could forget that always reliable tablet.
  • Who doesn’t own an i? (who doesn’t own themselves? haha 🙂
Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

Apples are an all-American success story-each of us eats more than 19 pounds of them annually. Français : Les pommes sont célèbres en Amérique pour une alimentation équilibrée (8,6 kg annuellement). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basically I just want to share something about familiarity and where has it gone to. People used to think of an apple as something you’d give your teacher on a first day of your first year of your first time in class. Something very precious and something very special so that your teacher would appreciate you. For me that was it. Or maybe even you’re giving that apple as a sorry, as a gift of appreciation, as a bribe 🙂 or even as a prank. But basically the apple was a simple-plain old- FRUIT.

But still you can give an apple for a gift, as a sorry, or a prank (apples with defects on them or viruses) but this time you’re gonna have to have electricity and a couple more components to make it work. Yes, it is the age of the Apple that cannot be eaten but enjoyed to almost 10 hours a day or more. And it never goes bad unless you want to change to a more updated version.

 Back then we used to wash apples, now, if your apple is drenched in water it might not work or get you electrocuted.

But this same familiarity is what actually makes these products as big as they are.  We as humans only get to use a limited amount of mind power in our brain. So making a new thing seem like an old or familiar version, makes recall and likability more apparent.

And I just wonder what kind of things would they incorporate for future products. How about if Pinoys were to make an innovative product would they call it?

  1. Lamok Corp. (L.C.)

    Official seal of Municipality of Mainit

    Official seal of Municipality of Mainit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  2. Electric fan Enterprises (E-Fan Ent. )
  3. Mainit Indt. (M.I.)
  4. Sikip Group of Companies (S.G.C.)
  5. Ingay Inc. (I.I.)

Yeah just thinking out loud haha! 😛


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